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  Open-Sankoré is a multiplatform, open-source program that is compatible with every type of interactive hardware. It is also translated into many different languages. Its range of tools is adapted to all users: from beginners to experts. Choreographing educational content Insert any type of document (text, images, flash animations, videos) Access web resources without leaving the Open-Sankoré by using apps Comment on any content Display the essential part of your teaching message Share documents simply.   NetPen is a freeware whiteboard that multiple people can easily draw on and manipulate simultaneously over the network. Also includes features for teachers such as class voting, and conducting/grading tests (see videos for details).
  Sketch up ideas and take notes for your next project in one place: The Desktop Whiteboard. Scribble down design layouts and compare color themes, create storyboards, project graphics and text on screen, create animated cartoons, relieve your mind and practice your drawing skills — Visualization is key to the creative mind! The combination of drawing by mouse (or digitizer) and writing by keyboard in the same context makes the Desktop Whiteboard a unique tool for the creative minded. The Desktop Whiteboard can even be used for educational purposes as an alternative to Power Point™ with drawing-over-image capabilities etc. The Desktop Whiteboard v1.3 is free as in free beer!   Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world. Touch. Draw. Share. Works on all modern browsers, no installation needed.
  Coccinella is a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people. Communicate with Whiteboard Sketch to explain your words. Collaborate on diagrams. Enter mathematical formulas like on paper. Draw together for fun. You decide how you visually communicate. A web whiteboard for schools. Create a sketch, share it with students. They mark up their own and share it back. No plugin, installation or app required! Works on all modern computers, smartphones and tablets! No Student sign up! Teachers add students to their account.
  Pixiclip is an interactive whiteboard. Upload images, draw sketches, and share replays with friends!    




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