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  Crosstrainer Tracks weight, weight training, diet and nutrition, wellness (sleep, water intake, medications), Photo log, Workouts can be entered or uploaded from our workout exchange free download . Track you fitness, nutrition, and health performance. Our software is complete with all fields of health, fitness, athletics, and nutrition included and offers several more advanced functions and features for a better price than our competitors. Crosstrainer also comes with a long history (started in 1986) in which several versions have been released and sold.   MB Calorie Calculator is a simple health software with an easy to use interface. The program is designed to calculate the daily calorie intake that your body requires. This is calculated on the basis of your height, weight, age, gender and daily activities. Wanting to lose weight doesn’t mean that we stop eating totally. Our body requires calories to perform different functions. We get these calories through the different kinds of food we intake. This software uses the Harris-Benedict equation to determine the daily needed calorie intake. This equation calculates the basal metabolic rate (BMR) and then adjusts it according to the type of daily activity to give the right amount of calories needed.
  Gym Master is gym software designed to make it easy to maintain detailed records of your members and their memberships, book classes and trainers, process and track sales, and communicate en mass with the right members at the right time. Designed to fit clubs of all sizes, this gym software is feature-packed. With a full booking system, point of sale, website integration, direct debit integration, a mobile app for trainers, online booking for clients, and 24/7 door access control, Gym Master has all you need.    Body Byte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer BodyByteTopend Sports and BodyByte have partnered to provide a computer software program specially developed to comprehensively organize and manage all the information associated with nutrition, training and fitness. BodyByte is an invaluable aid for sports coaches, athletes, injury rehabilitation professionals or anyone interested in their own health and fitness. Not only is it a great software, it is now completely free, no catches! Free to download and free to activate. Go here to download this great software free download. 
  BODYFITdb and how our fitness software can help you reach your personal health and fitness goals, please read below! In an instant BODYFITdb analyzes if you're... Eating a balanced, healthy diet. • Meeting your calorie requirements. • The weight you're gaining or losing is muscle or fat. • Blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol are improving. • Strength training efforts are really paying off. • Aerobic conditioning has improved.     




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