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  Porteus KioskPorteus Kiosk makes securing your public access computer easier than you think. You no longer have to be a technical guru to customize, lock down and install your own kiosk. No need to worry about viruses, malware or users installing unwanted software. Use Porteus Kiosk to display information, advertisements, pictures or stream videos on digital signage deployments. It can also act as a diskless workstation in companies which use browsers as the main working tool such as customer support centers.   KIOSK Classic software is an option for projects that may not even be using kiosk hardware. PCs can be configured to run in “kiosk mode”, which prevents users from accessing certain system functions. Open Source Edition for study and private use.
  WEBCONVERGER The No. 1 Opensource Web Kiosk. Converge your IT onto the Web   Kiosk software locks down your public computer or kiosk, helping you securely display your website or application. Software is suitable for Libraries, Airports, Hotels, Internet and Cyber cafes.
  Instant WebKiosk/UB, alias Unrestricted Browsing flavour, is a free operating system designed for web kiosks and multi-user web workstations (cafès, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, libraries) on standard (even diskless) PC hardware.    
  SiteKiosk Windows / Android SiteKiosk Windows & Android The right software solution to ensure the safety and lockdown of Windows PCs, Internet kiosks and Android tablets deployed in unattended public locations.   My Film Kiosk is a Video Library Management System for YouTube, MP4, FLV, AVI, DVDs and BluRays. This powerful and yet easy-to-use database software has been designed to store, organise and manage your YouTube videos, local video files and film collection. The system is capable of storing thousands of entries including name, description, genre, cover image, trailer and even user-defined categories.




Software for free is a selection of freeware program for PC computer. Download free video editing, photo, design, antivirus, recovery, DVD, music, burning, PDF, converter, audio, recording software for free.


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