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  Astro123 is a astrology software free download combines the following programs into one convenient, easy-to-use software: N_Interp (for natal chart analysis), MEandYOU (for understanding composite chart meanings), YOUandME (for understanding synastry chart meanings), Transits (for transit interpretations - includes a new transit report for up to 366 days of transits), and Keywords (for helping you become better at astrological analysis in general). Astro123 also does all the calculations for relationships such as composite charts, synastry, dual cosmodynes, bi-wheels, etc. This is the program I now use most of the time. This version has the latest dual cosmodyne algorithms for relationship compatibility analysis.   What Watch is a powerful astrology software  that covers many areas and techniques of astrology. Its purpose is to get quick access to relevant information and displaying it in a concise and no-nonsense way: Keep it simple while providing all that is necessary. What Watch assumes that you're already familiar with some basics of astrology, and has an extensive tutorial explaining how to use the astrological techniques implemented here.
  StarLite is a astrology software allows you to enter birth information and obtain a natal chart wheel either displayed on the screen or printed out. Startlite has no other calculation capabilities.    
  AstroWorld 2001 AstroWorld is an software with which you will be able to know your natal chart. Download AstroWord free and find out what the stars have in store for you   Astrolog 5.40 is a 100% freeware astrology program, with versions for Windows, DOS, the Macintosh, and Unix, and the complete source code is available too. Find your way through the Maze of life! :-)
  ZET is a powerful astrology program for the professional astrologer, an effective resource for astronomy students, and a wonderful training tool for beginners. ZET combines both astronomical and astrological functions, with lots of astronomical data and graphical information. ZET's main features are an interactive, mouse-sensitive natal chart, and full dynamic ability - synchronous redrawing of all tableaux, diagrams, and tables following changes in time.   Horoscope Interpreter software: Delivers accurate character descriptions, and precise prognoses of past, present and future. You will find everything you need to calculate and interpret horoscopes from all over the world: automatic atlas, printed reports - all at a very affordable price.
  MB Astrology Birth Chart Software is a free astrology birth chart generator software based on the principles of western astrology and Vedic astrology. This program tells us in detail the accurate astronomical locations of planets at the time of an individual's birth. Using the information that your birth chart gives, Western and Vedic Astrology can forecast all important incidents and probable opportunities that can arise in your life. The natal chart is also known as the birth chart.   Gemini daily horoscope If you're a fan of reading Horoscopes, then Horoscope is a simple, handy application which delivers Horoscopes direct to your desktop. Horoscope includes both weekly and monthly horoscopes and has an easy to use interface. Horoscopes are divided into Wellness, Love and Career. You can also choose from Daily, Weekly and Monthly horoscopes with the different signs listed along the bottom. The overall interface is a bit basic and it's not clear which source it uses, but it's functional and easy to use.
      Atlantis Astrology Software is just the tool that you are sure to look for if you want to get an astrology reading according to the Atlantis astrology principles. Atlantis Astrology is one of such astrology systems that are characterized by a calculation system that is absolutely unique and different from those of the other astrology systems. The extraordinariness of Atlantis astrology is that it deals with 15 zodiac signs while most of the others deal with 12 zodiacal signs or sun signs. An Atlantis astrology reading will let you know your Atlantis sign or Atlantis astrology sign


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