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  Childrens daycare management package. It has the basic functions that can be used as a base foundation to build features to run any size facility free download . In it you will find attendance tracking, and pickup functions. We are planning more features as the project grows. The newest feature of the SaaS version of the program will include a messaging system that displays a reminder message to a parent or a global message to all parents. Also, there will be a way to post a balance to the parents. These are the two most requested features that are being added. We see this package going a long way with the number of downloads that are being recorded.   Features Children and family management Staff and facility management Finance and Accounting Food billing Payroll Cake Desktop is a FREE childcare management software that is simple to use free download. The software can hold an unlimited amount of children, families and employees. Cake Desktop is a complete software with no add-on modules or expiration date and will update automatically. Cake will also be providing free online support and video tutorials. 
  “Complete” Management Solution Childcare Manager has been the management software of choice by Childcare Professionals for 30 years free download. Over 25,000 Childcare Professionals have chosen Childcare Manager to simplify the management of their childcare centers, preschools, and before/after school programs. Childcare Manager is your “complete” child, family, and employee management solution.   The Daycare Manager is a Microsoft Excel Workbook that uses customized forms, sheets, and VBA code to help you manage your daycare operation free download. The Daycare Manger lets you manage children, guardian, and employee demographics, checking, check writing, accounts payable/receivable (GL) (which is linked to the check writing, GL, and checkbook), printable application form for new children, printable parent reports, budget reports, and payroll (including tax calculations. The workbook is self-contained; you don't need to be connected to the Internet to use it. Since it is Microsoft Excel, it is fully compatible with applications that can exchange data with Excel through OLE or DDE.
  ChildCare Office Pro remains the most affordable and comprehensive childcare office management software available free download. It is loaded with advanced features to organize and automate your daily, routine office management procedures. With such a powerful application, you will be amazed at its simplicity and the user-friendly approach of this professional management tool. Because of its simplicity, we receive very few requests for Technical Support. Since 1999, this is the reason why ChildCare Office Pro clients are never charged a fee for unlimited Technical Support. Whether your childcare facility is large or small, you will find that many of the exclusive features of ChildCare Office Pro will have your office running smoothly in no time. Automated accounting functions, such as tuition billing, are done for you.   Childcare Sage software is the leading affordable childcare management software available. Our software was designed with your needs as a professional childcare provider in mind. Childcare Sage is complete, affordable, powerful and flexible. Please watch our Introduction Video to see how our software can help your center and free up your time or Call Us today for a Live Demo! You can also review some of our User Testimonials. If you have a Home/Family based Child Care Center please look at our DayCare Sage Software If you have a Drop In Childcare Center please look at our DropInCare Sage Software 




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